In the hills overlooking the sea

Cantina Li Duni is a winery in Sardinia, located in Badesi – Gallura, in a hilly area that slopes down to the sea of the Asinara Gulf.
This unique terroir in the north of Sardinia is characterised by an enchanting succession of microenvironments.
On one side, the rolling hills lush with vegetation; on the other, the vast sandy plains that offer the vines an ideal environment for their growth.
Over the centuries, this particular terroir has benefitted from the experience of local winegrowers who were, and are, able to draw excellent wines from this arid and difficult land that is, nonetheless, capable of offering up excellent grapes.

A mix of land, sun and sea breezes make up the distinctive features of this microenvironment.
We are at the gateway to Gallura where the sandy granite soil, the proximity to the sea and to the coastal dunes, the centuries-old junipers and Mediterranean scrub, the long sun exposure and the natural night temperature dips are all characteristics that mean that the grapes grown in this soil are rich in aromas and nuances, difficult to find in other areas of Sardinia.

A winegrowing sector that is steeped in centuries-old tradition, and that stands out due to the cultivation of ungrafted vines.

Cantina Li Duni has been carrying on Badesi’s winegrowing tradition since 2003

The wine tradition of Badesi

Cantina Li Duni’s winemaking project has been running since 2003 with the aim of continuing the tradition and enhancing the unrivalled quality of the native grapes.
The winery has land covering approx. 20 ha in the municipality of Badesi. Much of the land is cultivated on sandy soil with ungrafted vines, with an average production of 400 hectolitres per year. The winegrowing method allows for very low levels of phytochemical application to the plants with minimum environmental impact.

Wine is produced using grapes from the property’s vineyards, and production is strictly controlled both as regards the quality and quantity (max. 50 litres³/ha). The winery’s overall production is currently 40,000 bottles divided into 5 different types of wine: a Vermentino di Gallura DOCG Superiore, a Vermentino di Sardegna DOC, a red wine Isola dei Nuraghi IGT aged in barriques, a Isola dei Nuraghi IGT from young vineyards and a rosè wine from Cannonau grapes.
Painstaking selection of the grapes from the vineyards with an exclusively manual harvest, together with the winery’s rigorous winemaking processes allow us to extract from the grapes a product rich in aromas and bouquets typical of this terroir.

Cantina Li Duni’s mission is to uphold the link with this area’s winemaking tradition and at the same time to enhance a winemaking heritage that is of such great importance and historical value.