Cantina Li Duni. Wines from the sea

Here in Sardinia, the sun and wind shape both time and the land.
It’s an area where time appears to stand still on the sands. In Badesi, the vines are historic; non-grafted vines that grow freely and strong on sandy ground a stone’s throw from the waters of the Asinara Gulf.
An extraordinary terroir where the vines are cultivated ungrafted just as in previous centuries, before the phylloxera attacks. Vines that develop together with the sandy ground to grow large grapes that we transform into unique, exquisite, authentic wines, rich in exceptional nuances.
Wines with a great personality full of the sensations of the wind and sea, of the sun and sand, capable like no other of immersing the taster in the hills that overlook the sea.
Bottles that delight the taster with a personality that is difficult to find elsewhere; bottles that charm and captivate.

Lives sapling of rootstocks bred on the sand - Cantina Li Duni
Lives sapling of rootstocks bred on the sand

A centuries-old tradition

Ungrafted vineyards farmed in Badesi

Cantina Li Duni’s mission is to uphold the link with this area’s winemaking tradition and at the same time to enhance a winemaking heritage that is of such great importance and historical value.

Ungrafted vineyards

Ungrafted vineyards reared on Badesi Sand - Cantina Li Duni

Particularly sandy soils in which the insect couldn’t attack the plant allowed the development of ungrafted cultivation, as is the case in the sandy soils of Badesi.

Wines born from the sand

The characteristics of our sandy soils, ungrafted cultivation, the sea breezes carrying salinity to the grapes, the proximity of the coast and the temperature variations all give our wines unique nuances and characteristics.

Wines that stand out and that evoke sensations that are difficult to find in other wines from the same vine varieties and from neighbouring areas.

We look forward to seeing you in our wine cellar

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    Wine tastings

    In our cellar you can do a wine tasting or a visit to the vineyards, discover the secrets of Vermentino di Gallura and savor the typical flavors of our land. To book your tasting you must use our booking system.

    Visits and tastings are possible every day from 9 to 13 – from 16 to 20.