Wines born from the sand

The characteristics of our sandy soils, ungrafted cultivation, the sea breezes carrying salinity to the grapes, the proximity of the coast and the temperature variations all give our wines unique nuances and characteristics.

Wines that stand out and that evoke sensations that are difficult to find in other wines from the same vine varieties and from neighbouring areas.
The special attention paid to the cultivation and harvest of the grapes is mirrored in the wine cellar.
The winemaking processes, although supported by the inevitable modern technology, respect and promote the great winemaking culture of our land, aiming to preserve and honour the great heritage of Badesi wine production.

Wines with a great structure and personality, pleasantly tangy and mineral, produced from native grapes with great expressiveness, elegance and markedly local.

Linea Le Maree

They are the youngest and freshest wines of the company, they represent a more disengaged approach to the traditional vines of these areas.


Cannonau di Sardegna
Nalboni Isola dei Nuraghi Rosso - Cantina Li Duni


Cannonau di Sardegna
Minnammentu Isola dei Nuraghi Rosato - Cantina Li Duni


Vermentino di Gallura
Dùnosu Vermentino di Gallura DOCG - Cantina Li Duni

Linea Le Sabbie

The maximum expression of the vines typical of the area raised in the oldest vineyards planted on the sands.


Vermentino di Gallura
DOCG Superiore
Renabianca Vermentino di Gallura Superiore - Cantina Li Duni


Vermentino di Gallura
DOCG Superiore
Nozzinnà Vermentino di Gallura DOCG - Cantina Li Duni


Isola dei Nuraghi
IGT – Red wine
Tajanu Isola dei Nuraghi Rosso - Cantina Li Duni

Linea Le Brezze

These are the special wines, produced in a few specimens but extremely particular and refined.

Li Junchi

Vermentino di Sardegna DOC
Sparkling wine
Li Junchi - Vermentino di Sardegna Spumante - Cantina Li Duni

Li Junchi Rosè

Isola dei Nuraghi IGT
Rose sparkling wine

Our roots in the history

Here in Badesi, winemaking tradition is closely tied to history. Here, in the sandy soils close to the sea, vines grow as they did three centuries ago – strong and luxuriant, capable of giving authentic and wonderfully local grapes. Ungrafted cultivation is the characteristic that ties us to the history of winegrowing.